3Dizingof.com Launch!


This is my new website dedicated to Designs for 3D Printers – All kind of 3d printers, Home (FDM) , Selective Laser Sintering (White Nylon aka SLS), DLP/UV Laser 3d printers using resin and industrial 3d printers found at office/work or at 3d printing service bureaus.

I want to thank Ponoko.com for hosting over 350 of my designs since 2009.
If you haven’t read about me and my designs (About link ontop) this interview with i.materialise.com basically sums up my passion for 3D Printing.

On this new website I will be showcasing my Designs, discuss design techniques & methods plus share design files on the Free Designs section – So be sure to visit frequently.

The Photo ontop is taken by San Francisco Magazine featuring my Math Art, The Gyroid Ball & fashion.

Follow me on Twitter for my latest design: @Dizingof

That’s all for now, here are some great YouTube Videos by Makers from all over the world 3D Printing my designs.



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