3D Printing a Virus..

3D Printing a Virus..

“Viruses are small microscopic infectious agents that replicate only inside living cells of other organisms.”

This article however isn’t about those “Nasty little buggers”.. but about designing & 3D printing the Virus Sculpture – using a Dodecahedron and one very popular 3D Printer the MakerBot Replicator 2

With the help of a Topological Mesh Modeler software called TopMod, i first inflated all 12 faces of a Dodecahedron to create 12 “tentacles”.
Next, with some Generative Design techniques i created an intersecting-lines pattern that engulfs the entire model.

Virus by dizingof


Virus by dizingof

Now comes the fun part - 3D Printing!

Maker: Michael Berger ordered the Virus – Math Art design file and decided to scale it up to fit his new MakerBot Replicator 2 print-bed.

After 11Hrs. the print was finished:

3D Printed Virus - Math Sculpture by Dizingof with support structures still on

3D Printed Virus - Math Sculpture by Dizingof with support structures still on

When asked “How hard was it to cut off all the excess material (support structures created by Makerbot print Software) – Michael replied: “as a newbie I now have mangled thumbs but in the future it should be easier. The building structure is attached loosely for easy removal.”

Here is the final result, a beautiful 3D-Printed Math Sculpture.

3D Prinrted Virus - Math Sculpture by Dizingof with support strcutures still on-4

Recently, a new free tool was released that creates very efficient, way less support columns & less material used for printing – its MeshMixer 2 by AutoDesk
Watch how simple it is to create a new type of support structures.

*Photos by Michael Berger.

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