Designing the Knot Lamp

Designing the Knot Lamp

Back in 2012 i published on my previous shop at a Math Art design called Klein Knot Sphere.

Klien Knote Sphere 100mm - Math Art.3514


This model has inspired me to design the Knot Light Shade with the help of a flexible LED strip as the light source.

Knot Lamp by Dizingof-.10876

I first removed the sphere and welded a base, i then hollowed out the entire design so that the wall thickness throughout the design is exactly 1.5mm.

Why 1.5mm? – When it comes to light shades you want a solid structure but not too thick to block the light.
1.5mm is also the bare minimum when 3d printing light shades in white Nylon aka Polyamide SLS

For home 3d printers use transparent ABS/PLA filaments – I also recommend using the new free MeshMixer 2 software to create smart, efficient, easy to remove support structures.


Take any white/warm LED strip and insert it from the base all the way thru the inside loop till you reach the end of the knot.

Knot Lamp by Dizingof-.10894


Secure the LED’s power wire thru the base’s hole and you’re done.

Knot Lamp by Dizingof-.10895
Knot Lamp by Dizingof-.10871


Lighting Designs for 3D printing

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