New Category: Designs for Delta 3D Printers

New Category: Designs for Delta 3D Printers

In 2012 Johann Rocholl invented and open sourced the Rostock Delta 3D Printer

Rostock 3d printer printing Klein Bottle Math Art by Dizingof

Johann Rocholl the inventor of the Rostock 3d printer is watching his new baby
Johann Rocholl watching over his new baby


It’s an awesome 3D Printer that allows you to print relatively fast, large sized models.
He published a YouTube video of the Rostock – 3D Printing my Klein Bottle design:

Since then Johann kept perfecting his Delta 3D Printer and a long list of variants, no-less innovative, followed – built ontop his original Rostock.

The latest one is a HUGE 3DRmega Delta 3D printer made by Richard Horne, AKA the legendary RichRap

DRmega Delta 3D printer made by Richard Horne


First thing that comes to mind when i see a design 3d printed on a Delta 3D printer is how efficient is it..
In other words – if you scale up a design you obviously increase its walls thickness and overall volume.
Take for example the regular Klein Bottle – if you scale it up to about 40cm tall, its volume jumps to 660 cubic cm from 32 cubic cm..

Therefore the effective, efficient way, is to redesign it from scratch to fit a size of a Delta while keeping a reasonable wall thickness, reduced overall material volume and as subsequent – get a faster 3D printing.

The new Klein Bottle (40cm tall) for Delta 3D Printers uses only 330 cubic cm – a 50% reduction in printing material.

With this in mind i’ve added a NEW Digital Designs Category:
Designs For Delta 3D Printers

This category will include new and past designs for large build platform 3D Printers: Decor, Furniture, Vases, Sculptures etc.

Here is another example, the Tannery Light Shade – a Math shape transformed into a light shade, 3D-printed on an original Rostock by non other than the “3D Printer Whisperer” Anderson TA

Rostock 3d printer printing Tannery Light Shade by Dizingof


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