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3D Printable Skulls

Currently 16 different Skull designs (STL files) are offered for download for your 3d Printer.

1st one is the Voronoi Skull designed in 2011 with Voronoi structures and a touch of organic look.

3d printed voronoi skull by Dizingof -

2nd one is the Cellular Skull – a process that engulfs a design with unique looking Cells.


3rd one is the famous CraniumBeautiful Organic filigree carvings.


4th one is the Lord of the Skulls.. – A parametric design technique which populates an entire surface of a model with tiny versions of its self.

This Skull is 3d printable in high resolution 3d printers (Resin/Nylon/Polyjet) or if you scale it up enough you could 3d print it on your Home 3D Printer with 100 micron layer height.


The 30cm tall Menger Skulls

Sphere of Skulls Lampshade

Neuron Skull

Yet Another Skull

Desktop Sierpinski Skulls by Dizingof

Sliced Skull

No Brainer!

Cloth on a Skull – by Dizingof


Featured Designs – Download Today

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