Slicing the Tetra Horse

Slicing the Tetra Horse

If you’ve followed my 3D printing work over the past 4 years you’d know i do a lot of research into design techniques, Math Surfaces/Equations, Mesh manipulations etc..
More on that in this interview with Meet the Designer – Dizingof

The Tetra Horse is a design i published in July 2013 using what i call “A Tetrahedral modeling technique”.

Tetra Horse by Dizingof-.8959

Basically as i’ve described it on the YouTube page:
“It’s a new design technique converting a 3D model into a Volume-Triangles Mesh.
It retains the model’s outer surface intact and builds inside support structures.
It could be used for FAST rapid prototyping (cut-short 3d printing time & material cost) OR with some Organic techniques create a Neuron Network mesh for aesthetic looking designs.
(see mid-video how the model is changed from triangles to Organic Neurons)”

This design technique received a headline on
Dizingof develops a super-fast Tetrahedral Modeling technique for super-fast 3D printing

Here is how the inner volume-triangles look like from the inside – using a simple slicing method:

Inside_of_Tetra Horse by Dizingof-.10573

As you can see the Volume-Triangles structures perform as a strong support for the whole body and in terms of fast rapid prototyping & cost effectiveness this technique could serve well for all kinds of designs that require structural strength with minimum material used – for ex. real-size furniture using recently developed large build RepRap 3D printers.

The new 360° 3D Viewer

In case you’ve missed it, the new 360° 3D Viewer is on top of this page which will be added to all designs pages.

Hover over it, click left mouse button and drag sideways to rotate the design. (on touch screens simply rotate model with your finger)

*Update: Maker: Andy Cohen ordered the Tetra Horse and decided to 3D print a Giant one!
Sliced into 3 pieces and enlarged so each piece filled his MakerBot Replicator 2 build area.

“This will make for a nice jaw dropper as people enter his shop.”

3D printed Tetra Horse by Dizingof on Makerbot replicator 2

This is a 3d Viewer – Use the middle mouse to zoom in to see all the inner triangles of another variant Tetra object.

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