Volumetric 3D Printing & Fractal Art

Some months ago i was contacted by inventor Shawn Frayne whom i know of from his YouTube videos of CleanTech inventions.

His latest co-invention is a new form of 3D Printing called: Volumetric 3D Printing.

How it works?

A full color CAD design is sliced into very thin slices using a software the team wrote and open-sourced.
Those slices are printed on a special transparent sheet using a common color 2D printer (CMYK plus white).

Those printed sheets are then going through an index (fusing-like) process where they are stacked ontop another to form a full color 3D model floating inside a transparent cube case.
(Its like holding a Hologram in your hand only this one is a full 3D object)

I was very excited about this 3D printing method and immediately thought of Fractal Art designs.

xsis fractal art by dizingof -2

Fractal models & Fractal Worlds are awesome to watch on YouTube, but 3D printing a fractal design is a whole different story.

In order to 3d print a design some rules must be met such as minimum wall thickness, base thickness, weight distribution etc.. or your design will fail to be made.

With this Volumetric 3D Printing, you don’t need to be bothered with ANY design restrictions.

Practically any model you design on your CAD software can be made real with this method. Specifically, the thinnest fins & walls on a Fractal design that can’t be made with traditional 3d printers.. and in Full Color!

Here is Xsis Fractal Art by Dizingof From inception to reality:

xsis fractal art by dizingof -1


And this is the “iPad-Size” version showcased at the SXSW 2014 – the Annual music, film, and interactive conference festival held in Austin TX.

Xsis Fractal Art by Dizingof 3

Xsis Fractal Art by Dizingof 1

You can order your copy of – Xsis Fractal Art by Dizingof here:

Featured Designs by Dizingof

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