3D Printing Lampshades

3D Printing Lampshades

3D printing technology enables a designer to create some amazing intricate shapes that can not be made in conventional methods.

When it comes to Lampshades, a designer can create patterns and light-paths allowing light to pass thru certain areas, masked or dimmed – thus creating a specific mood or generating a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

In the Lighting section you can find unique & beautiful lampshades that were derived from complex Mathematical surfaces and awesome Particle Displacement Fractals.

A lot of Makers were eager to 3D print a designer Lampshade on their own Home 3D printer, office 3D printers and at 3D printing service bureaus.
Here is the experience of a maker from Germany, Formfab.de who ordered 2 spherical lampshades to be 3D printed on his zPrinter powder based 3D printer:

The Voro lampshade

Voro lampshade by Dizingof


The Sphere Ribblet lampshade

Spehere Ribblet lampshade by Dizingof

After adapting his stand to the opening at the base he sent the designs to the 3D printer.
The print took about 10 hours for two objects each 18cm in height.


Dizingof lampshades at a conference

3d printed lampshades by Dizingof at a conference


3d printed lampshades by Dizingof at a conference


3d printed lampshades by Dizingof at a conference


lampshades 3d printed on a home 3d printer

Here are some of my Lampshades designs 3D printed in high quality on a home 3D printer:

The Gyroid Zonohedron – intersecting a Gyroid with a Zonohedron Math shape makes a beautiful lampshade as well as a Decor item that can be 3d printed in both ABS/PLA & Ceramics.

gyroid zonohedron lampshade by dizingof

The Lampshade Air
lampshade air by dizingof on 3dizingof.com

The Tannery Lampshade

3d printed tannery lampshade by dizingof
3d printed tannery lampshade by dizingof

The Thumbprint Sphere Lampshade
lighting designs by Dizingof- thumbprints-2
lighting designs by Dizingof- thumbprints-1



Lighting designs by dizingof

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