The Groovy Vase by Dizingof

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Meet the “Groovy Vase”.

A very long hours R&D project.
A Fractal based Full Color point-cloud turned into high quality, high resolution, Full Color Mesh with infinite color patterns.

Size: 187x156x188mm
Wall thickness: 2mm

Model is hollow with an opening of 5cm on top, ready for 3D printing using a full color 3D printer such as Zcorp 3D Printer at, Stratasys J750 multi color 3D printer, and even a full color FDM (filament+inkjet) Da Vinci 3D printer by xyzprinting inc.

Companies interested in using this design for P.R may do so by acquiring a PR-Only License.


* Published on: December 4, 2017

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